Care Centers

08:30AM-04:30PM Soweto Moshi

Volunteers will have the opportunity to teach, cook, wash and undertake other general activities performed at the children Centers.

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Women & widows groups

08:30AM-04:30PM Moshi Rural

Dedicated to assisting women groups who run small income generation schemes to improve their financial management skills.

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Teaching Primary & Nursery

08:30AM-04:30PM Tanzania

Provide children with an opportunity to expand their horizons and develop greater skills for the betterment of their future.

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Health Care

7:30AM-03:30PM Moshi

We provide an opportunity for medical professionals to share their knowledge and participate in Health Managements activities.

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IT teaching

7:30AM-03:30PM Zanzibar

After the government had started to donate computers to each school in Zanzibar there have been a need of volunteers to teach the basics.

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Donating Traveler

Until December Moshi, Arusha

The project brings together travelers from different parts of the world to go on various travel adventures in Tanzania and use the profit made to donate in charity works of Godson Charity.

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